Bayly on Congregational Singing and Songleading

Some interesting comments on congregational singing and songleading over at BaylyBlog (actually, they are from a post in my feed reader; the post purports to be from BaylyBlog, but when I travel to the blog, it doesn’t seem to be up.).  The whole post is worth discussing, but I particularly enjoyed the following:

But also, repudiate the wimpy, cloying, sentimental, subjective, CCM (or revivalistic) crud. The people of God should not be cut off from Biblical objectivity and masculine zeal in worship. Give your people wholehearted, truehearted, and zealous men to lead them in declarations of God’s Perfections and truth. There should be a militant aspect to our music as there should be also to our prayer and preaching. We don’t need even one more church whose worship puts on display those rhapsodic flights of heaving bosoms repeating the mantra, “This is how I feel about You, Jesus.” Calvin would have taken a whip to it and so should we.

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