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Teaching Children Hymns: Douglas Bond and Mr. Pipes

If you would like to teach your children hymnody, you really ought to consider the resource I reviewed over at Religious Affections, the Mr. Pipes series by Douglas Bond.  These books will teach your children (and you!) about hymnody, church … Continue reading

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Kevin Bauder, “Worship Wars and Warriors”

Worth your time: “Worship Wars and Warrors” by Kevin Bauder.

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“Hymns that Last”

An interesting little project by Christianity Today presents the hymns that have enjoyed the most widespread and enduring use in the hymnals of mainline denominations since the late 1800’s.  For some reason, I can’t reproduce the table that lists all … Continue reading

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Hymns on Pardon

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Josh Bauder, “Is Christian Music Still Possible?”

I’m not sure when this article was written, but I very much enjoyed it.  I commend to your reading Josh Bauder’s “Is Christian Music Still Possible?”

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