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Julian Johnson, Who Needs Classical Music?

Julian Johnson, Who Needs Classical Music? Cultural Choice and Musical Value (Oxford 2002). This is an important book.  Johnson is a lecturer in music at Oxford University and a composer.  This book is an apologetic for classical music and its … Continue reading

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Notes from here and there

D. J. Hart, “Reforming Worship: Reverence, the Reformed Tradition, and the Crisis of Protestant Worship”  A thought-provoking look at basic principles of Reformed worship in light of the shifting practices of many present-day Reformed churches.  Quotable: Calvin’s theology and understanding … Continue reading

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“How the Church Lost Her Soundscape”

How the Church Lost Her Soundscape Peter J. Leithert is another voice acknowledging (from a Roman Catholic perspective) the church letting loose of what has been passed down in the way of musical tradition, and succumbing to the popular. “Beginning … Continue reading

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“Come, Ye Thankful People, Come”

In choosing songs for our Sunday service coming this weekend, I was reminded of a post by my friend Ryan Martin in which he parses Henry Alford’s “Come, Ye Thankful People, Come.”  I commend it to your reading.  It is … Continue reading

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Historical nonspecificity in hymns

As I’m working through Dillard and Longman’s Introduction to the Old Testament, I find a discussion about the psalms.  The vast majority of psalms are “historically nonspecific”, that is, they do not in the text of the psalm detail the … Continue reading

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Ryan Martin, Discernment for the Glory of God

I commend my friend Ryan Martin’s recent series of posts on discernment: Part1: Discernment for the Glory of God Part 2: Discernment and Worship Part 3: Discernment as Spiritual Wisdom and Understanding Part 4: Discernment and Good and Evil Part … Continue reading

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