Was Watts reading Plutarch?

In looking up a passage in Plutarch’s Moralia in the Loeb edition of his works, I noticed this sentence as part of his De defectu oraculorum: “Time like an everflowing stream bears all things onward” (432.B.1-2). Anyone who sings classic hymns will recognize the similarity to the line in “O God, Our Help in Ages Past”: “Time, like an ever rolling stream, // bears all its sons away.” The bit from Plutarch translates τοῦ χρόνου καθάπερ ῥεύματος ἕκαστα παραφέροντος

The English translation of Plutarch by Frank Cole Babbitt was published in 1936 (Babbitt died in 1935), many years after Watts strode the earth. Probably a little less likely that Watts was thinking of Plutarch when paraphrasing Psalm 90, and a little more likely that Babbitt knew Watts’s hymn!

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