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“The Technological Church”

A very interesting series of brief essays by Jessica Huntrods, who specializes in media ecology as part of the Moody Media Lab, liberally sprinkled with interaction with McLuhan and Ellul. I don’t know that all of Jessica’s answers are right, … Continue reading

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How Present Technology Changes Our View of Past Technology

Now, this is thought-provoking, and probably has connections with the discussion of hymnals vs. projection that pops up now and again.

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Greg Stiekes, How to Desecrate a Religion

Well said.

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A Mighty Fortress in translation

More a bookmark for me here than anything else: An excellent parsing exercise at Desiring God compares the original German text of “A Mighty Fortress” to the common English translation and finds the translation lacking at several points. John Piper … Continue reading

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On Not Singing All the Stanzas

As I grew up singing in church, it was common for me to hear various songleaders say things like, “Third stanza as the last,” or “We’ll sing verses one, three, and four.” In my own songleading, I used to do … Continue reading

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He Was Wounded for Our Transgressions

I was thinking about the text of Thomas Chisholm’s “He Was Wounded for Our Transgressions,” a hymn grounded in Isaiah 53. As so often is the case, a light bulb finally clicked on tonight even though I’ve sung this song … Continue reading

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Kwasniewski, Is There a Proper Role for “Contemporary” Music at Church?


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