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Kwasniewski, Is There a Proper Role for “Contemporary” Music at Church?


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McCracken, “Why the medium of cool isn’t a neutral vehicle for the gospel”

I recently picked up Brett McCracken’s Hipster Christianity (2010) to see what he had to say about the notion of “cool” in conjunction with following Christ. I’ve never been able to join those two together, myself (as I understand “cool”). I’m still … Continue reading

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Praise to the Lord, the Almighty

It’s tough to nail down a “favorite hymn” — but always toward the top of my list is “Praise to the Lord, the Almighty,” invariably sung to LOBE DEN HERREN. For some odd reason, though, I had always thought it only had … Continue reading

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DeYoung on Singing Psalms

We are not convinced by the arguments for exclusive psalmody. But in 95% of our churches the problem is not that we are keeping out good non-Psalms. It’s strange, even though we are commanded to sing Psalms and even though … Continue reading

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Sing Psalms

I’m increasingly burdened to incorporate psalmody into my church’s services. I’ve had vague inclinations in that direction before–but to my shame, those inclinations never bore any significant fruit. So. I’ve purchased some resources to help me on my way, and … Continue reading

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Athanasius on the Psalms: being helped to do what we are commanded to do

The unique element in the book of Psalms is that it allows the reader to get inside the personalities and events of the Old Testament as a participant; or, perhaps better said, it allows these personalities and events to get … Continue reading

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The “moral substance” from which European high culture flowered is Christianity. Through the beauty of churches, monasteries, urban development, painting, and music, it has unfolded over centuries in every country in its own way. Through the Church, and in the … Continue reading

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