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A Mighty Fortress in translation

More a bookmark for me here than anything else: An excellent parsing exercise at Desiring God compares the original German text of “A Mighty Fortress” to the common English translation and finds the translation lacking at several points. John Piper … Continue reading

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“Amen” at the end of hymns

Now that’s interesting. I’ve seen many, many hymns that end with an “Amen” — and I’ve seen the same hymns end with an “Amen” in some instances, but not when printed elsewhere. I’ve never thought about where that practice originated. Tonight, … Continue reading

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“In Thy arms I rest me; Foes who would…”

Johann Franck published “Jesu, meine Freude” in 1653; Catherine Winkworth served the English-speaking world by translating it as “Jesu, priceless treasure” in her 1863 The Chorale Book for England. In this translation, she rendered the second verse as: In Thine arm I … Continue reading

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Hymns: knowing and loving

“Hymns are especially potent in expressive power; by merging text and music they create an opportunity for cooperation between doctrine and affection—between knowing and loving. A good hymn maximizes this cooperation.” Well said, Josh.

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In Joyful Noise, William Smith speaks of the “practical limits of the repertory” of a congregation. There are, he suggests (rightly!), only so many songs that a congregation can be expected to know reasonably well. In this connection, he notes, … Continue reading

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Holy, Mighty, Worthy

Sometimes, as I put together the selection of songs for a particular service, things don’t gel as well as I would like. This morning’s selection seemed to work well, though, and I wanted to share it (as well as record … Continue reading

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J. R. Watson, An Annotated Anthology of Hymns

Have I mentioned the excellent volume by J. R. Watson, An Annotated Anthology of Hymns?  You’re familiar with the typical “hymn history” books which give the “story” behind a particular hymn, or perhaps a biographical sketch of the author if there … Continue reading

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